​​My name is Chann Da and I am from the Battambang Provinve. I am a graduate of Bac II and have been working with VIR since it’s inception in 2005 as a field officer. I enjoy working with the VIR team to help the poorest families in the community to improve their livelihood.  ​In my spare time I enjoy watching TV and reading books".

VIR staff are honest to themselves and to others, transparently sharing their knowledge and experience on all project activities. Results and finances are documented diligently and accurately.​

|  participation  |

Vulnerable people will live sustainably, enjoy improved health, become literate, and live without violations to their human rights.

C H A N N  D A  |  F I E L D  O F F I C E R

VIR gives its staff members and the members of its target communities the chance to participate in project activities. Training is available for beneficiaries to receive knowledge and experience that will benefit them. This training is available to anyone: it is not allotted in a discriminatory manner.​

VIR will contribute to the reduction of poverty by means of improving literacy, public health, human rights and law enforcement. With the assistance of VIR, people will have the freedom to express their own ideas through participatory decision-making. Disaster protection and the effectiveness of market relations will improve.​

S O K H O M  L O N G  |  F I E L D  O F F I C E R

​​My name is Soborint Chhan and I am a volunteer looking after the VIR Angkor Tour business. I am from the Takeo Province and live with my wife and three children in Siem Reap. I graduated with a degree in Literature and a graduate degree of Professional Training. I have been working with VIR since its inception in 2005 and became a project coordinator in 2012.

My previous experiences include being a tour guide and working for two other NGOs including the Build Your Future Today Center (BFT) and Concern Worldwide Cambodia. I also work as a tour guide in Siem Reap for tour operators as well as VIR Angkor Tours and am able to fluently speak in English, Khmer and Thai.

I like working with VIR because I get the opportunity to meet lots of people and change the country at the same time.  ​My hobbies include history and watching sports on TV".

VIR works closely with government and local and international NGO partners to streamline service delivery and share experiences and skills. VIR is currently working with Caritas International to provide services to local villages and has previously worked on projects with provincial and agriculture departments, The Department of Fishery, The Provincial Fisheries Office, The Department of Women's Affairs and The Provincial Environmental Office.

S O B O R I N T   C H H A N |  T O U R   G U I D E   V O L U N T E E R 

Poor people living in our target areas are empowered by sustainable development policies, welfare, education, and family economics.​

|  vision  |

​​My name is Meas Sothy and I work as a Field Officer for VIR. I graduated from Build Bright University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in 2006, and a Masters of Business Administration in 2008. Prior to joining VIR, I held positions with the Cambodian Centre for the Protection of Children’s Rights, World Vision-International, and Neary Khmer Organization. I enjoy reading, exercise, and conducting research on the Internet".

|  mission  |

The poor in our target areas receive utmost support from VIR’s projects in order to improve their living conditions.

VIR’s team is appropriately structured with a set of defined roles and responsibilities. They are hardworking and implement their projects carefully and efficiently. VIR staff are held accountable for their actions.

|  background  | 

M E A S   S O T H Y  |  F I E L D  O F F I C E R

O R N  S O P O R N  |  F I E L D  O F F I C E R

V U L N E R A B I L I T Y   &   I L L I T E R A C Y   R E D U C T I O N

|  helping the poor  |

​​My name is Orn Soporn and I am from the Khom Pong Thom Province. I received my bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance from South-East Asia University in 2011. I just recently joined the VIR team in 2014.  ​ ​I enjoy working with the lovely VIR staff every day.  ​In my spare time I enjoy playing with my children and growing vegetables in my garden".

M O H N   S A M E A N   |  E X E C U T I V E   D I R E C T O R

|  goal  |

My name is Monh Samean and I live with my wife and five children. I am the executive director of VIR and have been a member of the team since its inception in 2005. Prior to VIR I worked with other NGOs including UNICESS and the Cambodia World Family (CWF).  I enjoy being able to help the poorest members of the local communities in any way that we can!  ​In my spare time I like to watch football and volleyball".

|  honesty + transparency  |

C H E T  P E N  |  P R O J E C T  C O O R D I N A T O R

FORMED IN 2005, Vulnerability & Illiteracy Reduction (VIR) is a Cambodian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working with some of the poorest families in the Siem Reap province. VIR works in 9 villages in the Svay Check and Reul Communes. VIR is passionate about improving literacy rates within the community, improving human rights, and improving access to the government and health care. VIR works to reduce poverty through the implementation and support of numerous income generating and self-sufficiency projects. 

​​My name is Chet Pen. I am from the Battambang province and currently live in Siem Reap with my wife and two children. I began working for VIR in March 2014 on the Livelihood Improvement Project. My previous experiences include working with multiple charitable organizations including Cambodia Mines Action Centre and Buddhism for Development.

My aim is to help poor families and vulnerable children improve their livelihood through income generation and access to healthcare. ​My hobbies include playing tennis and musical instruments".

|  responsibility  |

​​My name is Sokhom Long and I work as a Field Officer for VIR. I am from the Kandhal province and currently live in Siem Reap with my wife and five children. I have been working for VIR since September 2005 on the Livelihood Improvement project.  My previous experiences includes working for non-governmental organizations such as Cambodian World Family (CWF).

By working with VIR, I would like to see the effected communities being rehabilitated, introduce agriculture, and enable literacy in the country side to make the country better. ​My hobbies include fishing and watching TV shows".